Sunnies! - 8/22
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Joke of the Day

Check back soon.  He tells 'em but I can't remember them.  Hence the reason for the column.  I'll get him to tell me again.

Lewie and I went fishing again this morning.  The wind was blowing from the south so we fished in the north lake as the road and trees between the lakes offered some protection.  But that didn't last long as the wind was still a bit strong, making trolling difficult and uncomfortable for Lewie.  Lewie HATES the wind.  Anything more that a gentle breeze and he can't take it, especially when the fish aren't just jumping in the boat.  I'm a little more hardy but then I don't get cold nearly as easy.

So we ended up anchoring right near the bridge.  Just offshore about the distance of a long cast.  There was almost no wind there because we were right near the road and trees.  And the sunnies were biting like mad.  Just about every cast resulted in a fish and most were large enough to keep.  Some were downright lunkers (as far as sunnies go).

Around 12:30 pm, we called Denise to see if she'd like to join us.  After all, this is the type of fishing she loves.  She agreed to meet us at the dock in 10 minutes.

After just enough of a break to visit the restrooms, the three of us headed back to the bridge and anchored in about the same spot.  The action continued fast and furious.  All of the sudden, we realized it was 5:00 pm.  It only seemed like we'd been out there an hour or two.  We fished until 6:00 pm and then headed back.

It was hard to tell exactly how many sunnies were in the buckets when Lewie and I cleaned them.  There's just not that much room on the counter in the fish house.  I had the lighter bucket and counted 22 fish.  Lewie had the other bucket and counted over 40.  Thus we estimate about 65 sunnies, all fairly good sized with the exception of a few little ones that were killed because they swallowed the hook.

It took us a little over an hour to clean the fish.  I clean 20 and Lewie cleaned the rest.  I guess I'm not as fast as I claimed to be earlier in the trip.  It's still about 2 to 1.

It was a nice day out fishing.  We look forward to more.

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