More Wind - 8/23
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Joke of the Day

Check back soon.  He tells 'em but I can't remember them.  Hence the reason for the column.  I'll get him to tell me again.

More wind.  Lewie and I try anchoring by the bridge again.  Although I'd love to try trolling for the lunkers, I know that it would be short lived.

But what a difference a day makes.  Hardly a bite today.  Lewie manages to catch 5 keepers after 2 1/2 hours of fishing.  I suspect the reason the sunnies aren't biting is because there's either bass or northern pike in the area so I stay with the minnows hoping to bag one of them.  I did finally hook a large bass just before we left but he got off before I could land him.

For lunch, Denise made mashed potatoes and gravy while I fried some of yesterday's catch.  Although frozen sunnies are good, they're even better fresh.  It was a great meal.

Around 3:30 pm, I walk down to Lewie's to see if he wants to go out again.  I tell him I want to troll along the weed line near the road in the north lake.  He says that's fine and let's give it a try.  But after one pass, once again the wind was too much for him and we ended up anchored by the bridge.

It was a little better than this morning but not much.  I caught two really nice ones while he caught and kept several questionable ones.  In all there Lewie reported 15 fish in the bucket after cleaning them.  He offered and let him since I would have thrown back most of what he kept since the freezers are so full after yesterday.  Besides, I'm really tired today.

Activity is resuming slowly but things are still not normal.  I assume most of the activity are preparations for the upcoming service(s).  We've been told by some other campers that there will be a viewing tomorrow from 5:00 - 7:00 pm with a memorial service at 7:00.  Then a regular funeral on Thursday at 1:00 pm.  I find it odd that there is going to be essentially two services.  We'll have to confirm it somehow.

Later I find out why I feel so tired.  My throat is sore and my ears are filling with congestion.  I guess it's my turn to get sick.  I loaded up on the Mucinex and Sudafed before going to bed.

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