Ten Mile Lake - 8/11
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Denise spent most of the night coughing and hacking, keeping both of us awake off and on.  Thus neither of us was up bright and early.  The sky was threatening to rain so I just spent the morning getting showered, shaved, cut my hair, etc.  Finally around 11:00 am I was ready to head into town and find some cold remedies for Denise.  Lewie came with.

Of course the list grew.  So first I stopped at the only place in town (a gas station) that sells block ice.  Then to Sun Mart for additional groceries.  Fuel at Fleet Farm.  Bread at the bread store.  And finally to Wal-Mart for the drugs. 

But I couldn't find the Sudafed.  I asked at the pharmacy counter and found that because it's one of the ingredients in making methamphetamine, now you have to show your ID and sign for your purchase.  Also, you are limited to just two boxes.  What a pain in the ass!  Seems to me that the criminals making methamphetamine will still get the Sudafed they need and only the honest people will be inconvenienced.

Anyway, all of us spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  Lewie is starting to get a stomach ache as well.  We all did our own thing in the evening and turned in early.

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