Ten Mile Lake - 8/12
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The cold remedies helped Denise get a good night's rest and she feels pretty good.  However Lewie has a full blown stomach ache and can't keep any food down so he's going to spend the day resting.  Hopefully he'll be well enough tomorrow to attend the farm auction he wants to go to in Herman.

The weather is beautiful today.  It's cool and sunny.  Very comfortable.  Denise and I spent 4 1/2 hours out on the boat and really enjoyed it.  Denise caught 2 big bullheads and a sunny.  I caught 2 nice sized crappie.

We checked on Lewie when we returned but he still didn't feel good.  After lunch, Denise spent time reading her book but I headed back to the boat.  I got a couple of large cinder blocks from the resort and put them in the front of the boat for balance.  I called them Lewie and Denise.

I spent a few more hours trolling the lake.  I didn't catch much.  Just one smallmouth bass.  It was about 19 inches long and put up quite a fight, jumping out of the water 4 times.  And because they have to be 21" long to keep, I didn't even have to clean it.  It was a nice evening.

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