Ten Mile Lake - 8/10
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Finally it's cooler today.  Not cold but slightly cooler and the air is much drier.  I didn't look on the web but I'd say dew points are in the mid 50's.  You can feel it but it's not too bad.

The three of us trolled along our usual spot in the southwest corner of the lake but it was very unproductive.  Lewie caught on bullhead.  Denise caught a few sunnies.  I don't catch much because I like to troll with a lure.  However when I do catch them, they're usually the larger walleye, bass, or northern pike.  Around 1:00 pm after trying for 3 or so hours, we came in.  It was getting hotter as the wind was barely blowing.

After lunch, Lewie and I tried another spot on the southeast corner of the lake.  It was just as unproductive.  It started to sprinkle and that was enough to chase Lewie and I off the lake.  It never turned to real rain but that's OK 'cause we weren't catching anything anyway.

Denise's sore throat has turned into a full fledged cold.  Lewie was burnt after spending a day on the lake.  And I was quite tired as well.  It was our earliest night yet.  Supper was over and we were in front of the TV by 7:15 pm.

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