Ten Mile Lake - 8/9
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BOOM!!!  CRASH!!!  And the trailer is moving and shaking.  We were awakened at 3:20 am this morning by a ferocious thunderstorm passing over.  The inside of our trailer looked kind of like a haunted house.  There are three air vents in the roof, each with a translucent plastic cover.  The inside of the trailer was very dark until each flash of lightning penetrated the windows and roof vents.  Made for some interesting shadows.

I tried to capture this with the movie mode on my digital camera.  The video really doesn't do it justice but it will give you an idea.  The video is almost 5 mb so plan accordingly.

The rain continued into the morning.  So what should one do when it's raining?  You guessed it.  Go to town.  After all, we missed yesterday.  But I have to admit, I was ready as I was lured with the promise of lunch at Godfather's Pizza.  I've talked about it before but for those that are either new or don't remember, it's not about the pizza.  It's about the chicken.  In my opinion, their chicken should put the Colonel out of business.

In addition to lunch, we stopped at the liquor store where I got more ice (it just doesn't last long in this heat), a case of beer, and a case of Mc Adams Canadian Whiskey.  Mc Adams is another favorite we can't buy back home.  Then to Wal-Mart for some lozenges as Denise is getting a sore throat.  She also loves the bagged popcorn they sell for a dollar so she replenished her supply.  And then we got Lewie a Bubba Keg.

Lewie went into town to do his laundry and run other errands.  Thus it was only Denise and I out fishing in the boat in the afternoon.  She caught a few sunnies, a bass, and a walleye.  We only kept the walleye for a while but then turned it loose as it was the only fish and I didn't want to clean it.  Besides, sunnies really are the best tasting fish in the lake.

We hung out in Lewie's camp in the late afternoon and evening.  The people in our old spot are very nice.  Lewie knew them from years ago.  We chatted with them and they talked about the damage the thunderstorm did to their crops.  We'd heard several people in town talking about the baseball to softball sized hail that fell just north of Ten Mile Lake.  These guys told the same story.  Seems any vehicle that was outside no longer has windows and is totally covered with dents.  Roofs were damaged and one car parked in a garage still lost a windshield after the hail penetrated the roof of the shed and hit it.  I guess we were really lucky the storm stayed north.  Otherwise our return trip would have been via airline which would have been a real disappointment after spending nearly $5000 in repairs for this trip.

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