Ten Mile Lake - 8/8
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I opened the door to take the dogs on their morning ritual and was greeted by a blast of hot, humid air.  It reminded me of the steam room at the gym.  It was probably only in the upper 70's but the sky was grey, indicating the dew point was still in the mid to upper 60's, much higher than the comfort range of the mid 40's.

But that didn't stop Denise.  She got up, got dressed, and headed out to the bridge with her worms.  Lewie was just getting out there himself and the two caught a half bucket or so.  A good sized bucket is 25 to 30 fish.  One actually catches more than that but many are too small and are returned to the lake.

Again, I opted for the air conditioned trailer.  Besides, I'm tired of getting up and immediately starting everyday.  I enjoy a lazy morning now and then and haven't had but maybe one since this trip started.  I putzed around with the computer, catching up on the previous two days.  Then I washed the dishes and cleaned things up a bit.  Finally I headed over to the bridge to see what Lewie and Denise were up to.

After lunch, Lewie and I went out on the boat.  We didn't catch a lot but we each got one real nice crappie and Lewie caught a bullhead.  I'd say the crappie were about 1 1/2 pounds.  Each fillet would have completely covered a slice of bread with bits hanging over the side.

With the day's fishing complete and the small catch cleaned, we sat in the shade and played more Liars Dice while "rehydrating" as Lewie calls it.  He says his doctor tells him it's very important to drink lots of water when it's hot outside.  And since beer is mostly water, he figures that should work just as well.

I fried the 25 sunnies Denise and Lewie caught the day before and we introduced Lewie to fish tacos.  He enjoyed them but opted for mayonnaise over the sauce I make with equal parts of mayonnaise and sour cream.  Then I stir in ground chipotle pepper until the mixture is kind of brownish pink and tastes right.  Not really spicy but it just has a good pepper flavor.  Then just take a couple of pieces of fried fish and put it in the bottom of a steamed corn tortilla, spoon some sauce over the fish, and finish it off  with shredded cabbage.

It was nearly 10:00 pm when we finished supper so that was the end of our day.

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