Ten Mile Lake - 8/7
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Here we go again!  First thing this morning it was off to town.  But I have to admit that after two weeks on the road, we did need to get some of the essentials such as milk, bread, ice, etc. I just hope this doesn't become a habit.

First we went to the Sun Mart market where we usually shop for groceries.  It was nice to find that they no longer require those stupid cards to get their sale prices.  Then we went to Fleet Farm and bought some water filter cartridges, tried to find rechargeable batteries but could not, and one always has to check out the candy section.  Next, was the M & H gas station which is the only place in town that sells block ice.  The Kum & Go (I think that name is absolutely inappropriate) gas station used to sell it but it was torn down and being rebuilt.  Finally we went to the day old bread store which sells that wonderful Southeastern Mills gravy mix that we can't buy back home.

After shopping, we went back to camp.  Denise fixed her lunch while I attempted to put 20 lbs. of groceries in a 10 lb. space.  RV refrigerators are only about the size of the larger "dorm" refrigerators, not nearly as large as a regular home model.  I made my lunch choice(s) based upon what I couldn't get into the refrigerator.

The temperature was in the low 90's and the dew point in the mid 60's so it was pretty hot and sticky in the afternoon.  But that didn't stop Denise and Lewie from catching a nice bucket of sunnies down at the bridge.  I opted for the cool breeze coming from the air vents in the trailer but joined them a little later and contributed a few fish to the bucket.

Around 4:30 pm or so we quit fishing.  I helped Lewie fillet the fish.  I say "helped" because he still cleans about 1 1/2 to my 1.  However I'm getting better because it used to be over 2 to my 1.

I grilled a tri-tip roast for supper and Denise made mashed potatoes and a Jell-O salad.  Everybody seems less energetic this year than last so there was no after supper Liars Dice.  I think the heat is zapping us.  Lewie went back to his motor home and we showered to wash the sticky film from our skin.  The we fell asleep in front of the television before going to bed.

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