Ten Mile Lake - 8/6
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The humidity is back.  It's not that hot but pretty miserable.  By time I finished the few things I had to do to get the trailer ready for travel, I was a dripping mess.  According to the truck thermometer, it's only 76 degrees.  I think I'd rather have 95 degree dry heat.

Anyway, we pulled out around 9:00 am or so and headed northwest to Ten Mile Lake.  The drive was uneventful other than some traffic north of the twin cities because of a lane closure due to construction.

Lewie called around noon to see when we would arrive and to tell me where our new spot is located.  I told him the GPS unit said we'd be there at 2:45 pm.

We arrived at 2:47 pm and Lewie was waiting for us.  The humidity is high here as well and the temperature is around 88 degrees.  I've learned from this trip that comfortable humidity is when dew points are in the mid 40's.  The dew point today is in the mid 60's.

Our new spot is both bad and good.  It's bad in that they made two spots in what probably should have been one.  And then to level it, they brought in decomposed granite but neglected to pack it down, contrary to what they claim.  The trailer sank down 6 inches on our first attempt to park.  But I overcame that obstacle with a few long boards I found in the resort's storage shed.

However the spot is good in that it's away from the lake a little and as such, we don't get nearly as much wind in camp.  Also because it's new, the power, water, and sewer is right next to the rig.  In our old spot I had to get out miles of hose and park the trailer just right so the power and sewer lines would reach.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening hiding in the shade and playing Liars Dice.  Then Lewie treated us to supper at the Steakhouse before we called it "quits" for the night.

We are so looking forward to planting our feet and staying put for a while.  We've enjoyed our trip so far and liked seeing different things but the constant uprooting most every day is getting tiresome.

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