Eau Claire, WI - 8/3
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It was still hot and humid the next morning.  Since we had covered more ground yesterday that we'd planned, we took our time getting ready to go.  We actually fixed breakfast and enjoyed coffee.  First time in several days.

We were on the road around 10:30, heading for Cousin Nicki's place in Eau Clarie, WI.  The ride was uneventful.  However we did pull over at a rest stop for lunch and had those wonderful ribs and beans we'd gotten at Arthur Bryant's.  Oh, and we finished Denise's other half of her pork sandwich and slaw.

Then just down the road, we saw a Dairy Queen.  We stopped for a cone and Blizzard in honor of Aunt Gladys.  Aunt Gladys lived in Minneapolis but passed away two years ago.  She was known for never passing a Dairy Queen without stopping.

We arrived at Elmer's RV Park in Fall Creek, WI, just about 10 miles from Nicki's house.  The sky was grey but the temperature was hovering around 88 degrees.  The combination of heat and humidity actually took my breath away.

But I got thing set up, changed my clothes, and wrung out my shirt and shorts to help them dry.  We spent the evening at Nicki's visiting and had a nice time.  But by 9:00 pm, Denise and I were both so tired that we could hardly keep our eyes open.  So we went back to the trailer and called it a night.

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