Fruita, CO - 7/25
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Today, we continued our journey.  When we reached Salt Lake City, UT, we exited the freeway and found a phone book at a nearby gas station.  To make a long story short, I found a Les Schwab Tire Store and we left with two new 14 ply tires replacing the exploded 10 ply and the cheap spare.  The surviving 10 ply is now the spare.  Although it took about 2 hours out of our day, it didn't seem too bad as there was a coffee shop right across the street where we enjoyed a late breakfast.

We were finally back on the road around noon.  However we already decided that neither of us was up to completing the 500 mile drive scheduled for today.  Thus we found a state park right along the Colorado River in Fruita.  We're only about 120 miles from our planned destination in Basalt, CO we're we will stay until Sunday, July 31. 

There's been some incredible thundershowers since our arrival around 5:00 pm.  But luckily for me, they held off long enough for me to get the trailer set up without getting soaked.

The sites are very nice.  Full hook-ups for just $25 per night.  Each site is grassy with a gravel area around the picnic tables.  I'm sure the gravel is to allow for drainage from these hellacious thundershowers.  Over each table, the park has built a cover.  Not that it helps much when the wind is driving the rain in from the side but it does help.  California could learn a thing or two from other states.

Oh, and if you ever come here, drive through Monument RV Park located across the street.  And after making a loop through to turn around, run over the fat bitch that comes out in the street, mad that you didn't immediately stop at the office, and demands you don't drive through "anymore".  I told her not to worry as it would be the last she would ever see of me.  But I might just drive through again tomorrow morning on our way out.

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