Warming Up - 8/31
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It's another nice day.  In fact it's getting downright hot!  Although the temperature only reached 79 degrees, there was zero wind and the humidity was high.

We slept in and didn't get out of the trailer until about 10:30 am.  Lewie was fishing at the bridge and Denise wanted to give it a try.  We went there and I coached Denise on close quarters methods of casting.  Yesterday was the "hurl it as far as you can" method but this is in appropriate for the bridge.  The bridge crosses a small channel between the two lakes.  The channel is maybe 50 yards long but only about 12 feet wide.  So the best technique is to just flip your bait about 10 feet out from the bridge.  She got the hang of it real quick and had bites in no time.

After an hour or so, we came back to camp and Lewie cooked fish we had failed to cook the previous night.  Denise made the coleslaw and rice that was suppose to go last night as well.  And I got away without doing a thing!  I guess you could say we had a lake lunch.

The lunch made Denise tired so she opted to stay in the cool of the trailer while Lewie and I went out on the boat.  We tried the usual places without any success.  Then we crossed under the bridge and into the north lake.  Lewie dropped the anchor to hold us in position right in the channel just maybe 25 yards past the bridge.  In the hour we sat there, we caught 22 sunnies that we kept and numerous others that were on the smaller side.

It was 4:30 pm and Lewie had to go in because he was attending an old friend's birthday party at 6:00 pm.  We docked the boat on a small pier right near our camp (the one from Denise was fishing yesterday).  Lewie went on his way and I picked up Denise for some more fishing.

Denise had a blast as the action was non-stop.  We only kept the largest of the sunnies.  Finally at 6:30 pm we'd had enough and docked the boat for the night.  We added 9 large sunnies to the previous collection.

OK, who's going to clean all these fish?  Denise isn't.  Lewie is at a birthday party.  I guess that leaves me.  But I'm tired and thirsty at the moment so the fish will have to wait.  While relaxing and enjoying a beer, I pray that the gulls flying above will swoop down and eat some of the fish.  No such luck.  Reluctantly, I gather my fillet knife, sharpening stone, an empty bucket, and the fish at quarter of eight.  I contemplate taking a sleeping bag along too because this is going to take some time, especially at the rate I clean fish.

Although I entered the fish house in daylight, saw several other fishermen come and go, and exited in the darkness of night, I was surprise to know it was only five after nine.  So I cleaned all of those fish in an hour and twenty minutes.  And I only screwed up one to the point where I just threw it away (when you cut through the backbone, they're tough to salvage).  Also in watching others clean their fish, I'm not slow.  Lewie is extremely fast.

But because of the time, the marinating steaks were postponed for tomorrow night.  Lewie returned just about the time I finished cleaning the fish.  He had a beer with us before retiring.  Denise and I sat out a little longer before giving up as well.

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