Good Weather - 8/30
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Denise Is Fishing Maybe Here? The Cast

The weather looks good today.  Denise and I went to Fergus Falls to exchange her fishing rod at Wal-Mart.  Although the replacement isn't red, it is a nicer rod with ceramic guides and and aluminum spool.  It should be much more durable than the plastic reel on the original red model.  And yes, this one was almost double the price but worth it if it lasts.  If she doesn't use it, I will.

Also while in town, we stopped at the liquor store so I could load up on Mc Adams Canadian Whiskey since I can't buy it at home.  I would have liked to get more than two cases but I didn't know where to store it for the trip home.  We also made a short trip to the grocery store for milk and ice and a final stop at Godfather's Pizza for lunch.  As I came to the last bite of the chicken, I had a little ceremony since it is highly unlikely that I will ever return.  I'll have to see if the Godfather's chain in California serves the same broasted (fried) chicken.

When we returned to camp, we went out on the boat.  We were out for about 2 1/2 hours and only caught two sunnies.  We decided to give up and return to camp.  Lewie fished at the bridge while Denise and I sat outside our trailer and fished with her new rod from the shore.  It wasn't long after I casted that we got a bite.  We didn't hook the fish but it took our worm.  I reeled in and Denise re-baited the hook.  I gave it another hurl.  Almost as soon as the line hit the water, we got another bite.  This time I set the hook and he was there.  It was a small bass but jumped out of the water a few times on the way in.

Well this seemed to be enough to get Denise interested.  She re-baited the hook once again and then decided to try casting herself.  She didn't do too bad for a first-timer but decided that she wasn't getting the line out far enough and decided to try fishing from the nearby dock. 

While she casted and fished, I got out the camera and used it's movie function to catch her in action.  I had to do it from a distance because she never wants her picture taken but I think you can see it.  It's an AVI file that should be compatible with most media players.  For Windows users, media player works.

I built a campfire and we spent the evening enjoying it and the nice weather.  But things change quickly around here.  Around 11:00 pm, the winds came up and it started to rain.  We could see lightning in the distance and knew it was going to get worse.  We doused the fire and ran for shelter.  It was bedtime anyway.

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