More Wind - 8/29
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The wind is blowing yet once again, destroying all hopes of boat fishing.  Thus we didn't do much.  Denise watched TV and read her book.  Lewie went into town to do laundry.  And I played around with the computer writing updates and creating that map. 

Finally sometime around 3:30 pm, the wind subsided just enough that I tried fishing from the bridge without getting blown into the lake. I did catch two nice sized sunnies before getting snagged and breaking my line.  No matter, it was a good excuse to return to the trailer, use the facilities, and get another beer.  I made several more similar trips but never did catch any more sunnies. 

Then Lewie came to the bridge and he caught several bass by casting under the bridge.  One smallmouth he caught was 18 inches and gave him quite the fight with his light rig and crappie jig.  Others fishing nearby watched with awe as the bass thrashed around in the culvert.  But Lewie just cursed the bass as it was taking too much time to bring in and keeping him from catching sunnies. 

Eventually the bass tired and Lewie was able to land it.  Then, as he has done with every other bass he's caught under the bridge, he carried it down the shoreline before releasing it hoping it would not return.  Well it seemed to work because then the sunnies started biting again.  Between the two of us, we caught 22.

After cleaning the fish, we sat outside around the campfire our neighbors had built and watched the thunder and lightening show.  It was close but it wasn't raining and the wind had died down significantly.  Jerome and Betty own a permanent trailer in the space between Lewie and us.  They are from Duluth and are very nice and friendly.  This week they have their great grandson with them.  Zachary (aka "jabber jaw") is 4 years old and is just having a blast.  He's a cute kid and isn't the least bit bashful.  While sitting around the campfire, Zachary gave me a complete demonstration of his flashlight.  It's  complete with a radio, siren, flashing red warning light, and of course a very bright light that seemed to always be in my eyes.

The fire died down and the rain finally started.  Thus we finished our evening (well actually night since it was 12:30 am before we quit) inside playing Liar's Dice.

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