This Is It - 9/1
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Well this is it.  It's 8:40 am on our last day.  I'm looking out the window at fog that reminds me of the winters in the Sacramento Valley.  But it's not cold, maybe in the mid-60's.

We'll take in fairly easy today.  We might fish but won't be out late.  Both Denise and I have a lot of little things to put away in preparation for departure.  It's amazing how much stuff you get out after spending a month in one place.

And our evening must be early as well because we want to be on the road by eight o'clock tomorrow morning.  So we'll cook those steaks, eat at a more normal time, and then hit the rack by 10:00 pm.

So since we're hitting the road, this will be the last update until I get home.  We'll spend the first night in Miles City, MT.  The second in Idaho Falls, ID.  And our third in Winnemucca, NV before arriving home on Sunday.

As I've mentioned previously, I don't think we'll be back.  I'm kind of sad because when it's nice here, it's really nice and I enjoy it tremendously.  But there is so much of the time it's not nice.  The first year we were here (2002), we swore never to come back because the weather was bad more than good.  Then all one could catch was "those stupid little fish" (my opinion at the time) at the bridge.  I drove 1800 miles for this?

But over time the bad memories faded and the good ones prevailed.  And we'd eaten some of the fish we brought back and found it was very good.  By January of 2003, Denise and I decided to try it one more time.  I was determined to fish in all but the most inclement weather and learn to fillet (which I did).  That summer had extremely nice weather where most days were good.  So we signed up for the 2004 season even before we left in 2003.

As you've seen by the weather this year and in 2002, last year was an exceptional summer.  This year's weather is more normal.  Although colder than usual, the wind and the rain is normal.  So we've decided to try and find another spot that has the same opportunities but nicer weather.  Maybe we'll find somewhere that is so nice we'll wonder why we ever went to Ten Mile Lake.  But no matter what we find, we will always remember this place and the good times we've had with Lewie and the rest of the family.

Thanks for coming along and look for a final update after Labor Day.

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