A Bit Windy - 8/15
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I added a map of Ten Mile Lake.  Look for it on the main page just below "The Route" button.  Or click here.

The wind was blowing today but we thought we might be able to try the north lake and have some success.  After debating and then making about three trips to the boat because we kept forgetting things, we finally got started.  We were getting tossed around like a cork in a jacuzzi and no one was real happy.  We did finally navigate to the north lake, only to find that we forgot the worms.  Well that was the last straw for Denise and she wanted to quit so we let her off at the dock.  I would have just as soon quit as well but Lewie was determined.  So Lewie and I braved the wind for a couple of hours before giving up.  Nothing was caught.

I did bring along the newly renovated GPS card while we were on the lake.  I turned it on and the card was not recognized, just as before.  So that lasted an afternoon.  I had it working yesterday and did nothing more that recharge the battery.  Today it's broken.  I'm starting to suspect something is actually wrong with the Pocket PC and it's burning up the cards.  But then other cards work in it just fine.  I don't know.  However the company has been good and is willing to exchange but I'm spending a small fortune on shipping.  I'm going to do it one more time but try a different brand.  I suspect the new one will arrive on Thursday.

I took a nap after we got in from the lake.  My back was bothering me, probably from part dehydration and all the time spent in the boat.  It's quite a balancing act to drink enough water without having to pee all of the time.  There's no bathroom on the boat and we're usually out for 3 to 4 hours at a time.  So I try to drink a bunch of water early in the morning and then quit, hoping it's all out before we get on the boat.

After the nap, I played cards with Kim, Barb, and Denise.  We were in the middle of a heated game when Denise's cell phone rang.  It was Lewie.  He was with Larry and Lynn in Lynn's boat.  They had been anchored and the boat would start when they were ready to leave.  So they used the trolling motor to get tied up on a dock on the southeast side of the lake but needed assistance to get back to the boat launch.  Lewie just wanted a ride.  So Denise and Barb went in our truck to pick him up and Kim and took the rented boat with it's little 15 hp engine and headed across the lake.

Surprisingly, Denise and Barb got there just ahead of us.  Larry (aka "Gilligan") tied the disabled boat to the back of ours.  Then Lynn (aka "The Skipper") road in the boat while we towed them across the lake back to the boat launch.  The rest piled into the truck and met us at the boat launch.  We dropped off the disabled vessel and navigated our way back across the lake to our dock.

We spent the evening around the campfire.  Fortunately, the wind had died down and it was very pleasant outside.  Finally the logs became embers and we retired for the night.

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