Bridgeport, CA 8/28
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All four of us went fishing this morning.  Denise probably hasn't fished in five years or more but she decided to give it a try since Darlene was going.

Gerry and Darlene got an earlier start than Denise and I.  They were on the lake by 8:00 am.  Denise and I arrived at 9:00 am but it really didn't make much difference.  We could see the fish swim by but they were not very interested in our bait.  And it wasn't just us.  There wasn't much activity for any of the many fishermen standing around the lake.

Around 10:00, the Department of Fish & Game truck arrived and put about a half ton of fish in the lake.  When this happened two years ago, Gerry and Darlene knocked them dead.  We all waited with anticipation.

By 11:00, nothing had changed.  I was able to catch one but I'm sure it was a fluke.  We decided to give up and go back to camp for breakfast.

We went back to the lake in the afternoon to see if the new arrivals were hungry yet.  Gerry stopped at Ken's and picked up some PowerBait nuggets, Hatchery Formula.  He decided to stop fooling around and feed them what they are used to.  I mean who's fooling who?  These fish haven't never seen a salmon egg in their life so why use it as bait?

Well it worked!  With in the first 5-10 minutes, he caught three fish.  He couldn't even get Darlene's rod tied up and in the water.  Finally he had Darlene fish with his pole while he got her's ready.

I don't know what the difference was because we tried some of his nuggets but did not have the same success.  We even moved close began to fish next to them (after being invited of course) but could not get any bites.  Gerry and Darlene caught 7 fish between them.  At least I don't have to clean any.

By 7:00 pm, we were all freezing and decided to return to camp.  Darlene made a nice casserole for dinner which we enjoyed while hiding out in the heated comfort of our trailer.

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