Elk Grove, CA 8/29
Back Home Up

Well today is, by far, the WORST day of my trip.  It's the day we have to pack up and go home.  Denise is always ready to return after a long vacation but I am never ready.  But all good things must come to an end (why is that?).

Anyway, it's been a nice break from the realities of life.  We've seen interesting things.  We saw all the Minnesota relatives we haven't seen in many years.  We've learned a little more about Denise's family history and saw where her father's family lived in Herman.  We've met nice, fun people such as the our neighbors at Ten Mile Lake and the couple we spent the evening with at the Bismark Elks Lodge in North Dakota.  And finally, we were able to camp at Ten Mile Lake with Uncle Lewie.

But now it's back to work to earn more vacation hours...

Back Home Up

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