Bridgeport, CA 8/26-27
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I got an early start this morning and went fishing along Robinson Creek near Doc & Al's.  Because I didn't prepare very well, I was short on tackle.  Stream fishing is notorious for causing one to lose his tackle so I didn't know how long I'd be fishing as I only had 3 hooks.

I worked a few holes along the creek and lost my last hook after about an hour and a half.  I headed back to the truck and decided to return for breakfast.

On the way back to camp, I remembered a small store at the south lake which was only a mile or so past our campground.  I went there and found the tackle I needed along with some ice to ensure the beer stayed drinkable.

Denise was enjoying reading her book and Gerry and Darlene were not expected in until later in the afternoon so I took off and headed to Green Creek to try my luck there.  I fished near the bridge at the campground and caught one of the normal 10 - 12 inch fish that the state plants on a regular basis.  But my next fish was HUGE by stream standards!  I was using my ultra-light rod with the two pound test I'd purchased earlier that morning.  I couldn't believe it when I saw this fish break the water.  There was no way I was going to lift this fish out of the water and again, I didn't have a net.  Well after losing that large Northern Pike in Minnesota, I was determined not to lose this fish.  I worked it until the fish was completely exhausted.  Then I took my rag and grabbed the fish so it couldn't get away.  Then once I had the fish, I went far up the bank so I would not lose it if it did wiggle loose.  I am happy to report that I caught a 20" Rainbow Trout that weighed about 3 lbs.

I fished a little longer and caught one more small one.  When I got back to the truck, I placed the two smaller fish in a one gallon Ziploc bag as I normally do.  However the big fish would not fit.  Now what?  Then I remember the ice I had bought earlier that morning.  I dumped the ice out of the bag and into the ice chest.  Then I used the ice bag to transport the fish and returned to camp.

It was about 3:00 pm but Jerry and Darlene hadn't made it yet.  When I returned, Denise asked how I did.  I pulled out the bag with the two small fish and showed her.  She made a face and commented that they were pretty small.  I asked her how big she thought they should be and she held her hands apart about 20 inches.  I said, "Oh, you mean like this fish?" and showed her the big one.  That took her by surprise.

Gerry and Darlene arrived around 4:00 pm.  It was good to see them.  After cocktail hour and a steak dinner, we retired for the evening.

The next morning, Gerry and I went to the Walker River as the action has been extraordinary according to the report from Ken's Sporting Goods.  I had pretty good luck catching four good sized trout.  Gerry had some bites and hooked a few but was unable to land them.

After having lunch we were sitting around just relaxing.  Earlier that morning, Denise and Darlene noticed that the chipmunks had found an empty jar of peanut butter in our trash.  Although they had worked hard, the chipmunks were unable to get through the jar or remove the lid.

While we were sitting there, Denise decided to remove the lid and put the jar out where the chipmunks could get at it.  This turned out to be quite entertaining.  Between the fights over the jar and the peanut butter that stuck to their fur, it was hilarious.  It's amazing what you will think up when there's not much else going on.

After the chipmunk show, we took a short drive to Virginia Lake to check things out there.  The fishing looked good as there were several people catching fish here and there.  Also, it was rumored that the lake would be planted tomorrow.  We decided we would give this a try the following morning and headed back to camp for the evening ritual.

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