Ten Mile Lake - 8/3
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I was awakened this morning by the rocking of the trailer.  No, it's not what you think.  It was the wind blowing at around 40 miles per hour and it didn't take long for the thunder and lightning to follow.  The stormy weather continued through mid-morning but then the rain ceased.  By mid-afternoon the wind had slowed but the sky remained overcast and the temperature started to rise.  It became very muggy out, much like going into a steamy bathroom after someone has just finished a shower.  If it weren't for occasional breaks in the trailer where the air conditioner runs non-stop, I don't think I could take it here.

But we made do and had a nice day visiting with all the family that is here for the weekend.  We "grilled" (not barbequed) hamburgers over the fire for supper (dinner is the noon meal).  After supper, the obligatory group photos were taken before the sun went down and the rest of the evening was spent around the campfire.

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