Ten Mile Lake - 8/4
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Today the weather is beautiful.  Sun is out but it's not too hot or humid and it's a beautiful day for fishing.  After breakfast, I bought my fishing license and headed out to the bridge to join Uncle Lewie and the others to fish for sun fish or "sunnies" as they call them.  However, Californians might better know them as Blue Gill.  But no matter what you call them, they are plentiful and provide non-stop action.  After catching 10 - 15, it begins to get boring.  To make things more interesting, I started trying to see how many fish I could catch on the same worm.  My highest was three.

Denise, Kim, and I went into Fergus Falls, just about 15 miles north and stocked up on supplies for the evening meal.  It was a nice ride.

The evening was basically like all the previous.  Cook over the fire and then sit around, occasionally shifting to avoid the smoke.

I have to be honest here in that it's getting pretty hard to write and keep it interesting since our days are basically the same.

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