Bismark, ND - 8/1
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We got another early start and were continuing east by 8:00 am.  We stopped for breakfast and fuel at a truck stop in Billings.  By 10:00 am we were back on the road.

Today is tougher as the miles are beginning to take their toll.  The constant flash of white out of the corner of my left eye has become annoying.  Occasionally I have to remove my sunglasses and rub my eyes to remove the blurriness and restore normal vision.  When I was younger, I thought of being a truck driver for a few years so I could see the United States.  Now I don't think I could have done it although maybe the additional twenty years I've spent on Earth has something to do with my fatigue.

Fortunately we traveled an extra hundred miles yesterday or I don't know if we would have made it to Bismark.  We only went 459 miles today but it felt like our longest day so far.  Of course the 60 plus miles of construction in the 150 miles we traveled in North Dakota didn't help.

The Bismark Elks Lodge #1199 is the second largest lodge in the country.  Although the RV facilities are nothing more than free parking in their huge parking lot, the lodge facilities rival those of fancy hotels.  We have never been to a lodge with 3 bars, two restaurants, full health club, and large rooms for weddings, meetings, etc.

After starting in the formal bar next to the dining room, we found the Teddy Roosevelt Bar and Grill upstairs to be more to our liking.  This bar was complete with pool tables, dart machines, pinball, and video games.  We spent the evening talking with Jody and Robin, a couple that were sitting next to us at the bar.  Come to find out, they are both state workers for North Dakota.  Anyway, we enjoyed them and exchanged phone numbers and addresses before retiring for the night.

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