Columbus, MT - 7/31
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We were up bright and early and on our way by 8:00 am Mountain Time.  The time change occurred just as we entered the Jackpot city limit yesterday.  The drive was pretty uneventful and we made good time.  We entered Bozeman, MT at just 3:30 pm so we decided to log another hundred or so miles before stopping for the evening.  We finally ended up in a little RV park just off the interstate in Columbus, MT which is about 40 miles west of Billings.  We logged 510 miles for the day which puts us over the halfway point to our final destination of Ten Mile Lake.

I recently bought a DirecTV system for home and an extra dish to take with us on our travels.  I engineered a means of attaching a pole alongside the ladder on the rear of the fifth-wheel.  Well actually it's two poles, one slides into the other so the dish is down for travel and then I can put it up when we're parked.  Anyway, enough about the pole.  The point is that the dish is new and my experience in pointing it at the satellite is limited.  After setting up the trailer, I tried to get the DirecTV system working.  I gave up after two hours without success so we spent the evening watching "the channel" we could receive over the regular airwaves.

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