Jackpot, NV - 7/30
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Since we were both still getting over colds, we decided to sleep a little extra and didn't get started until almost 7:00 am.  But nonetheless, we got going and headed east on I-80. 

At Donner Summit, just 2 hours down the road, my coffee started working its way south and I pulled in to the rest area.  As I walked by the trailer, I heard a slow "hiss" coming from the area of the tires.  I checked the tires on the driver's side but didn't find any abnormalities.  However, as I walked around to the other side, it didn't take long for me to see the cause of the "hiss".  One of the tires was missing most of its treads and steel cords protruded from the sides.  It's amazing that the whole thing hadn't blown apart although I'm sure it would have within a few more miles.

So I performed my duty that's become a regular part of our yearly travels and changed the tire.  I'm getting better as I had the task completed in just 40 minutes.  And at least now, I don't have to wonder when we are going to lose a tire.  This makes 7 years straight that we've lost a tire on our long trip.

Denise looked up tire dealers in Reno, NV while I changed the tire and called ahead so they would have one available.  We arrived at Tires Plus at around 10:00 am.  By 11:45 am, we were back on the road heading east.

It was a long day but we did finally travel the 556 miles to Jackpot, NV, just south of the Idaho border on US-93.  We parked in the lot at Cactus Pete's just like we did last year and headed for the casino.  Nothing too exciting there.  We just had a few drinks, Denise won a little on video poker, I lost a little, then we had dinner and went to bed.  Tomorrow will be another long day of travel.

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