Finally Home! - 9/9
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Only 305 more miles to go!!!  We slept in a bit but were on our way by 8:30 am.  There were no major issues. We did have a minor issue when stopping at a truck stop in Fernley, NV.  After eating lunch, I thought this one road was the exit for the truck stop.  However it wasn't.  It was the access road to the Blue Beacon Truck Wash and the only way out was through the wash with no place to turn around.  Now I've always heard that one can't back double trailers for more than just a few feet.  But due to necessity, I was able to complete a 3 point turn backing doubles (yes, I'm a bit proud of that) in not a lot of space.  The path area to my right was back in truck parking in which there were trucks.  There were 3 open spaces between trucks into which I backed the boat and half of the fifth wheel.  That was enough to get turned around and go back the way I had come.  So only that minor issue and the normal combat driving that begins just east of Sparks.  The rest of the ride was uneventful.

We were home at 2:30 pm and that's about it.  We spent the next couple of hours unloading the bare essentials.  We'll do the entire unload thing tomorrow.  Then we went out on our patio, had a few drinks, and begin to discuss our trip and options for the future.  We both agree that in spite of all the trials and tribulations this year, we still enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Thus we are going to examine our options and see what we can do to fix the parts we don't like such as the ride, the constant tire popping, the instability (the trailer rocks) when parked, and getting a king size bed.  We'll see what we find.

But anyway, thanks for following along.  It certainly wasn't our best year as far as vacations go.  However:

3 Blown tires and resulting trailer damage: $2000
4 road closures and resulting frustration: $0
Hemorrhoid removal: No bill yet
Wheel falling off boat trailer: $200
Speeding ticket reduced to a written warning: $0
Replacing original boat cover with one designed for travel: $400
Sinking of boat and resulting repairs: $1000
Doctor office visit for shingles: No bill yet
Prescription drugs for shingles: $149
Booze as a result of above listed frustration: $500
Your enjoyment this summer and stories to tell for the rest of our lives: Priceless

Back Home Up

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