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Another early start.  We were on the road by 6:30 am and on our way to Winnemucca, NV.

Fuel prices in Montana were bad and have become horrid in Idaho.  When I filled up in Miles City, the diesel was $3.29.  Here next to the RV park, it's $3.45 at the truck stop.  But I have enough to go at least 200 miles and I'm going to have to buy a boat tire somewhere so I choose to wait.

Near the truck stop was a tire shop but they only carried large truck tires, not the small 13 inch tire we needed for the boat trailer.  However they did have a store in Pocatello which is just about 50 miles or so down the road and only slightly out of our way so we decided to go there.

$55 later we had a brand new tire on the boat trailer for a spare and we continued our drive.  In Pocatello, diesel was $3.49.  Should have bought it at the truck stop by the RV park.  Anyway, I buy just enough to ensure we can get to Winnemucca which was 38 gallons.

Now I'm starting to realize why the trip out didn't seem so bumpy.  The roads across Nevada, Idaho, and Montana are very good for the most part.  Sure, there's some sections that are as bumpy as North Dakota but they are relatively short and infrequent.  The rest of the ride to Winnemucca was quite tolerable and there were no other issues.

Instead of staying at the Model T Casino RV park like we normally do, we just parked with the big rigs in the parking lot behind the casino.  We didn't need any hook-ups and this kept me from having to unhook the boat as would have been necessary due to the short spaces in the RV park.  Plus it is free!  We parked, fired up the generator, turned on the air conditioner for the dogs, and went to the casino.

Finally we hit a bit of luck playing video poker at the bar.  With just a $20 bill playing quarters, Denise played for nearly 4 hours.  She never really hit anything big (the largest being 125 coins for 4 of a kind), it kept her playing.  Finally it crapped out and she had to play another $20.  My machine wasn't quite so lucky but I still managed to play all night for just $95.

After playing for over 5 hours, we were done.  We had a bit to eat at the restaurant and crashed.  Tomorrow we'll be home!

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