Steakhouse - 8/26
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Everyone was on their own this morning.  Denise slept in.  Lewie fished at the bridge.  Keith and his family went into Fergus Falls for a little shopping before their departure tomorrow.  And I worked on the boat even though I had no idea what was wrong or what I was doing.  I guess I just hoped that somehow, some way I would stumble across the answer.

As part of Keith's shopping, he brought back some starting fluid and a fuel treatment that removes water amongst other things.  He got back just as I was going to Dalton to pick up similar items and thus, saved me the trip.  He and I worked the rest of the afternoon but all to no avail.  The boat would start occasionally but fail to run for any length of time.  Usually just short spurts of 2 - 3 seconds with an intermittent 10 second spurt.  Just enough to keep us trying.

Finally we gave up and joined the others.  Lewie and Denise (Denise joined him later after she got up) came in from the bridge.  Christine had been with Jack and he had taken his nap.  We had a few beers as Keith played with Jack in the water.  At one point while I was sitting there, I began to blow smoke bubbles using Jack's bottle of bubbles.  We were just killing time until our big outing at the steakhouse that was planned for 5:30 pm.  Keith and Christine were treating with their bingo earnings.

We had a nice meal and then went back to the cabin for a while but no campfire as the wood was gone.  Basically, I think the early supper made everyone tired.  As the sun went down, Lewie and I attempted to fish from the dock but the only thing caught was a "bail of hay" as Lewie calls it.  Just a bunch of weeds.  Finally around 9:00 pm, we all headed to our respective rigs.

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