Shingles - 8/25
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I've had this itchy, burning, blistery rash that's popped up in small clumps.  It started Tuesday and seems to be getting worse.  I suspected it has something to do with the heat, humidity, and my almost constant sweating.  I've tried antifungal cream, powder, and frequent washing but it's spreading.  Since it's Friday and doctors aren't around over the weekend, I decided to make an appointment and have it checked.

I have Shingles.  The doctor explained that it's the Chicken Pox virus that your body never really gets rid of.  It's contained in the spine but when one's immune system gets low, the virus can escape and travel along the nerves.  Many times high stress levels can contribute to Shingles.  Gee, I wonder why I got it?  I mean, what would I have to be stressed about being on vacation and all?  Just chalk it up to the next incident.  I left the doctor's office with a prescription of 14 anti-viral tablets for the treatment of herpes that cost a mere $149.  My insurance wouldn't cover it since it's Blue Shield of CA, not MN so I'll have to fight with them when I get home.

Meanwhile, I never heard anything from Dalton Sports.  I decided that if they can't look at my boat today, I'm just going to take it and fool with it myself over the weekend.  I have the engine shop manual and another more general boat repair book that I bought right after buying the boat.  Maybe I can educate myself enough to get this thing going.

I arrived at Dalton Sports and my boat was still sitting in the same spot where I left it.  I went in and no, it wouldn't be looked at today because they're going fishing.  Now I can understand that they are busy but I wish those fuckin' bastards had said flat out that they couldn't look at it until the following week when I first brought it in.  Then I could have taken it to another place.  I hooked up my boat and brought it back to camp.  Dalton Sports has just lost my business.

Christine and Keith made tacos for lunch.  After lunch, Denise and Christine went to town to do the shopping they didn't do yesterday since the boys were along.  Lewie fished at the bridge.  Keith stayed to baby sit Jack (Christine always insists that it's "parenting").  And I returned to the trailer and messed with the boat.

I cleaned up some of the mud and tried starting the engine.  It started right away and this time I was determined to just let it run until the gas tank emptied.  I was increasing the throttle slowly to the process might happen faster.  With one hand on the side of the boat and the other on the plastic covered throttle, all of the sudden I received an electrical shock that traveled through both of my arms.  The engine started to sputter and then died.  Obviously there's a short somewhere.  I just hope it was caused by the water that I sprayed when cleaning out some of the mud and will dry out tomorrow.

I made several more attempts to start the motor.  Although it tried, it never fully started.  I gave up as it was time to meet the others for our planned 5:30 supper at the steakhouse.  I went to the cabin.

Jack was being a little shit.  Nothing would make him happy.  So with that, we cancelled our plans and agreed to try again tomorrow night.  That was fine with Denise, Lewie, and I as we were more thirsty than hungry.  I'm sure Keith and Christine were a bit disappointed as they want to go there before they leave.  But such are the trial and tribulations of parenting.

They let Jack out to throw rocks in the lake.  At first, Keith or Christine coddled him but soon they both grew weary and kind of left Jack on his own.  That's when he began to explore a bit on his own.  Two rigs down, a group of 4 adults were enjoying their evening campfire.  Jack noticed and they let him go, just to see what would happen.  Jack is usually weary of strangers.  But soon he climbed up in a chair and sat by the fire with the campers.

After a bit, Denise tried walking down.  Jack immediately motioned for her to go away and leave him alone.  Grandma came back completely dejected.

Soon Christine tried.  She was sent away also.  Keith yelled to Jack to "enjoy his new family" and the offered to pay the woman child support.  She was really enjoying the visit as her kids were all grown.  The whole thing was really funny.

We built a campfire with the rest of the charcoal briquettes and the last of the wood the cousins brought from Balaton.  The evening was beautiful as there was not a cloud in the sky and the wind was still.  Lewie told his jokes and reminisced about the days on the farm while Keith learned a bit about his heritage.  Another nice evening.

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