Shipwrecked - 8/20
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Today Keith, Christine, and Jack are coming from California.  We are excited about that.  Also, Lynn and Kim (Denise's cousins) are coming from Balaton, MN.  And to our surprise, another set of Denise's cousins are coming from Tracy, MN.  Both are about 2 1/2 hours away and we're looking forward to seeing all.

Denise and I head into town in the late morning to do some shopping and stock the cabin with bare essentials where everyone is staying.  Well actually, Lynn and Rose (the ones from Tracy) are staying in their camper next to us and not in the cabin.  Kim and Lynn (not the same Lynn as Lynn and Rose) bring plenty of groceries "with" so we're really only stocking for our kids.  But nonetheless, everyone eventually arrives and we spend the evening visiting and having a nice supper.

However, soon after dark a south wind kicks up.  We (or more importantly "me") don't realize how strong it is as we spend the evening around the cabin in which Keith, Christine, Jack, Lynn, and Kim are staying.  It's a very strong wind with gusts in the 60 - 70 mph range.  After our evening we returned to our trailer.  I decide to go down to the docks to see how the boat is holding up and run the pump to remove any water which the boat has taken in.

As I approach the docks, I run into Jerry and Mike.  Mike owns the resort and Jerry is a long time worker, both of whom we've come to know over the past 5 years.  I mention I'm going to check on my boat.  Both say there's no reason as it has sunk.  SUNK!!!  The wind has only been blowing for about an hour.  How could it have sunk, especially in a  lake as shallow as this?  Apparently, one should tie his boat up so that the bow faces the lake to break the waves.  I nosed mine in where the bow faced the  shore and the rear was toward the lake.  As the waves (kicked up by the wind) splashed over the rear of the boat, it filled it with water and sunk it to the bottom of the lake.  Another (probably) expensive expensive lesson learned.

I asked them what I should do about it.  Both said "nothing" in this weather as I would only get wet but not be able to help the situation one bit.  OK, I'd had plenty of drinks anyway and since there was nothing I could do, I just as well go to bed.  I'll deal with it in the morning.

But I couldn't sleep.  Although it was only in 3 - 4  feet of water, my boat was listing to one side and completely full of water.  The waves continued to crash over the side and wash sand, silt, and various aquatic plants into the boat.  Finally after an hour (I guess I didn't have that much to drink) I put on my swimsuit and headed out for the boat.

Although I had visions of hooking up a tow line to the boat and truck and dragging the boat up on the beach, it was impossible.  The boat was in a position where I would have needed at least 100 ft. of tow line or more.  Plus it was so heavy from all of the water that I would have likely broken the tow strap anyway.  Jerry and Mike were right.  I was wet but did no good.  Back to the trailer I went.

However I still couldn't sleep.  I probably dozed a little but mostly I worried about my boat.  The next steps will be covered in tomorrow's update even though in this instance, one day has blended into the next.

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