Fishing! - 8/19
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Lewie Best Spot Weed Line Denise & Lewie Self Portrait Bass Denise Drew

The weather is great today.  We got going around 9:30 this morning and launched the boat at the public ramp.  I had the bait from yesterday but forgot the minnow net.  Those things are pretty hard to catch with bare hands, even when contained to a minnow bucket.

We fished all day with the exception of a 50 minute potty/lunch break around 1:00 pm.  The power trim works great although I have to learn to pay attention that the motor stays deep enough to draw in water to cool the engine.  With the three of us in the boat, it's probably over loaded.  To compensate and get the front end of the boat up when traveling across the lake, I found that raising the motor helps.  However when we slow down, I need to remember to lower it again before I burn up the engine.

Our net result was 30 sunnies and 2 walleye.  I took a few pictures out on the boat  Click the links on the left to view.

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