Not Again! - 8/11
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The wind was blowing today so we didn't go fishing early.  Besides, sleeping in this morning was nice after our late night last night.  But finally around 1:00 pm, the wind didn't seem too bad so Lewie and I took the boat out.

We launched at the public ramp just as I had the other day.  We fished for a few hours but didn't have any luck.  The wind makes it difficult to troll and anchoring didn't produce anything tangible.  Lewie kept a few small sunnies to add to the other few he caught earlier at the bridge.  I caught one questionable one that I threw back.

Well that was enough so we headed back to the ramp.  Lewie stayed with the boat while I went to retrieve the truck and boat trailer.  While backing in, a man driving by on the road stopped and honked his horn and waved his arms.  It took me a moment to realize he was pointing at the boat trailer.  Upon exiting the truck, I saw the reason for his concern.  The fucking tire on the right side of the boat trailer was tipped at about a 45 degree angle and just about ready to fall off.  Is this shit ever going to end?

There was nothing else to do but unload all of the contents of the boat and leave it tied to the dock.  Then after shoving the wheel back on, Lewie and I pushed the boat trailer out of the way.  We put the last few blocks I had under the axle and then took the tire so it wouldn't be stolen.  My best chance is to figure out some way to get it fixed tomorrow.  But tomorrow is Saturday so I don't know how far I'll get.

We went back to camp to share the news with Denise.  Then the three of us sat there and got hammered.  Tomorrow is another day.

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