Bar Bingo - 8/10
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There's a boat shop in Dalton and we'd stopped there yesterday on our way back from breakfast.  I inquired about having the power trim fixed on the boat.  They told me that they would be willing to take a look at it if I brought it in today so I did.  The guy checked it out and said that replacing the motor should get things working.  A new motor is $270, a much better deal that the $1100 Buck's Outboard wanted for a whole new unit.  And at $70 per hour labor here vs. $95 at home, it's worth getting fixed here.  They will call when they get the part.

After that I got more gas for the boat and bought ice.  It was getting late in the afternoon so I headed back to camp.  Denise wants to got to the Elk's Lodge in Fergus Falls tonight, hoping they still have bar bingo on Thursdays as they did last year.

We left at 5:30 pm and were seated in the lodge by six.  Bingo starts at 7:00 pm.  Each game is a dollar per card.  Of the 16 games, most are regular bingo where 75% of the total wagered is returned as a prize.  There are a three special games where the jackpots are big but the bingo has to occur within a set number of calls.  For example, one such game is a large Z.  Veteran bingo players will know just by the name but for those that are not, imagine a large "Z" on your card.  The entire top and bottom rows must be filled along with a diagonal from the lower left to the upper right.  This game had to have a winner within 38 numbers drawn to get the $425 prize.  If no winner at 38 numbers called, then the game continues for a $50 consolation prize.  The jackpot will increase to $450 and the count to 39 for next weeks game.  This continues until someone wins.  I'm not sure what it starts at again after someone wins.

After sitting on that hard wooden bar seat in my condition for the first 5 games or so, my butt was getting pretty sore.  Thus I decided to stand for a while.  The next game was regular bingo.  I had the perfect card.  After just 7 numbers called, I called "BINGO!" and I didn't even use the free spot.  I won $39 amongst a lot of comments of how quickly the game went.

A few more games go by and I get bingo again.  This time it was worth $42. Maybe this is finally it and our bad luck streak is turning?

And then again!  This was the second to the last game and was worth $44.  Both myself and another guy got bingo on the same number so we split the prize.  So net result was that I won about $80 after paying for my bingo.  Wait, make that $60 including Denise's bingo.  Oh, make that about $0 after paying the bar tab and leaving a tip.  So OK, I won a free evening out for us.  It was a fun night and Denise has already requested to go again next Thursday.  She's even agreed to hand wash my "lucky" shirt that I wore that night so I can wear it again.  It's finally starting to feel like vacation.

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