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Today is better than yesterday but still not there yet.  The wind is blowing so I don't feel as though I'm wasting a good fishing day.  I can tell that the starter supply of absorbent pads I was given yesterday is not going to be enough for the duration of my recovery.  Plus Schatzi has deposited a pile of runny shit on the carpet sometime during the night.  I clean it the best I can but it's in obvious need of steam cleaning.  Then while I attempted to start a pot of coffee, he did it again.  This combined with Pearl's puke from a few days before left our carpet in a totally unacceptable state.

I took the dogs outside and left them there, tied to a tree.  At least this way, things won't get any worse.  When I went back in to get their food and water, I was happy to find that Denise cleaned the second mess.  I resumed making coffee and was careful where I stepped.

A couple hours later Denise, Lewie, and I head into town to visit Wal Mart.  We bought a Bissell Spot Remover, and I bought my first package of maxi pads.  I chose the same pretty pink ones the doctor had given me.  We also got a few other household necessities.

Next was Pine Plaza, an RV dealership in town.  Lewie lost a stabilizer jack pad and spring along the way and wanted to see if they could order one for him.

And finally the grocery store.  Nothing exciting there.  Just a few of the basic necessities that I was unaware we "needed" when I stopped yesterday.  Plus Lewie wanted a few items too.

Then back to camp.  Lewie headed back to his rig while Denise and I had lunch.  Next we tackled the carpet mess.  The spot cleaner is pretty much a joke for removing stains.  I know there was at least of cup of water sprayed into the carpet but only about a tablespoon was removed.  Thus it basically sent the stains from the surface down to the pad.  I'll have to give the carpets a good cleaning when we get home.  But at least for now, the carpet no longer looks disgusting.

I spent the afternoon catching up on the web site and doing a few other errands.  Denise and Lewie fished at the bridge to add to the 10 small sunnies they caught yesterday.  They got 12 more between them which made enough for supper.  The fish have been pretty small and not very plentiful so far.  I think the new bass regulations implemented 5 years ago are the biggest cause.  The bass have to be 21 inches or longer to keep them.  Thus the bass population has boomed and they are probably eating all of the sunnies.  Lewie has caught quite a few bass (but no keepers) by the bridge, contributing to my theory.

We had a nice fish supper with fried potatoes and salad.  Then it was a fairly early evening as we were in bed around 10:00 pm.

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