Surgery - 8/7
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Well I actually feel a little better today but I'm not screwing around with this thing.  I looked up doctors on the Internet and found that there is a Fergus Falls Medical Group in town.  I called and got an appointment for 10:40 am.

Denise fished with Lewie at the bridge while I went to see if there was any way to speed things along.  I waved to them as I passed by on my way to town.

At 11:10 am I saw the doctor.  He took one look and could see why I was in so much pain.  He said he was going to get some help and return with Novocain and a scalpel to drain the bulge and remove the clotting.  Well I must say that as bad as it sounds, it really wasn't too bad.  Certainly there's many other things I'd rather do but if this is what it takes to feel better, then so be it.  I left the doctor's office about 15 minutes later, now knowing what it must be like for women on a monthly basis and having a new familiarity with feminine hygiene products.

After I left the doctor's office, I ran a few errands in town like getting gas for the boat, ice for the ice chest, and diesel for the truck.  I also went to the grocery store and stocked up on water, pop, and other heavier items that Denise would rather not mess with.  I felt good in the beginning but by time I got back to camp, the Novocain was wearing off and the pain was getting worse.  Still not nearly as bad as on Sunday but enough to make me just want to rest and move as little as possible.

After lunch I slept for a couple of hours.  Then we had dinner but it was an early evening.  I'm really hoping tomorrow will bring greater relief.  I want to get out on the lake!  At least I take comfort in knowing worst of it is behind me (pun intended).

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