Here Fishey - 8/26
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Joke of the Day

This one guy had a bunch of flies buzzing around his face.

Another guy says to him, "Those flies are the same kind that fly around a horse's ass.".

The first guy asks, "Are you insinuating I'm a horse's ass?".

"No, but you can't fool the flies."

I'm still not feeling all that well so I declined fishing this morning.  Denise and Lewie fished at the bridge again but didn't catch much.  Where have all the fish gone?  I can't believe that the 65 we caught the other day were all of them.

In the afternoon, I decided that I just as well be sick on the boat instead of sick in the trailer so Lewie and I went out fishing.  Still not much.  Maybe the fish have all gone on strike?  I did catch one nice smallmouth but it was 2 inches short of the 21 inches required so back in the lake it went.  But I still think they're fun to catch.

And that was about it.  I grilled a tri-tip and we had a sit down supper for the first time in probably a week or more.  In fact, I can't remember the last time.  We are committed to eating everything in our freezer so we can fill it with fish before we depart.

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