Minnows - 8/19
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Joke of the Day

This guy was sitting at one end of the bar having his drinks while this good lookin' gal was having drinks at the other. After he'd had enough to drink, the guy approached the gal. He noticed she was reading a book and asked what she was reading. She replied that is was an anatomy book. He inquired as what she had learned. She said that she was on the chapter about penises and that Indians have ones that are long and slender while Swedes and Norwegians have ones that are shorter and stubby. Then she asked the guy's name.

He replied, "Tonto Olsen".

It was still raining this morning but stopped around 8:00 am or so.  Although the sky was still grey, Lewie, Denise, and I headed out to give the minnows a try.  It was was about 10:00 am but still pretty cold on the lake and Denise didn't last long.  Fortunately we were fishing pretty close to the dock so it was no big deal to let her off.

Lewie and I continued fishing for another hour.  I had three hard strikes while we were out.  The first I just plain missed.  The second broke the line of the snelled hook I was using.  I attributed the break due to pliers damage from all the times I've removed the hook from sunnies that have swallowed it.  The third strike was hardest of all and literally just broke my line.  At this point I peeled off the first 20 ft. or so of line as that is the part that gets weakened from being dragged over the rocks and such during the normal course of fishing.  I checked the remaining line and it seems strong.  If it breaks again, I'll buy new line.

But I had no more bites.  We did not fish much longer as Lewie was very cold.  We came in for a break and decided to try it again that afternoon, hoping the day would warm up a bit.

And it did.  By 1:00 pm most of the cloud cover had cleared and the sun was shining.  The wind was nothing more than a gentle breeze.  Lewie left to get his things from his motor home as I gathered mine.  We were to meet at the boat.

As Lewie reached his motor home, Kenny "Tonto" Olsen (see Joke of the Day) and his wife, Judy, pulled up.  They live near Morris, MN which is about 60 miles south of here.  We met them last year.  Because of Lewie's joke, Kenny now signs Christmas cards he sends to Lewie as "Tonto".  We had a nice visit with them.

It was about 5:30 pm and Kenny and Judy were about to leave.  Who arrives but Barb, Larry, and their son Mike.  Barb is another of Denise's cousins from Balaton, MN.  So we spent the rest of the evening visiting with them and had a great time.  They are staying in a hotel in Fergus Falls, just about 13 miles northwest of Ten Mile Lake and will be here until Sunday.

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