Kim & Lynn - 8/14
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We spent a lazy day visiting with Lynn and Kim.  We did take a short ride to Pelican Lake to inquire about and see their resort.  Kim and Lynn stayed near there 2 weeks ago with Kim's brother Lynn (a different Lynn) and his wife, Rose.  They couldn't get into the campground at Ten Mile Lake but wanted to visit with Lewie so they stayed down the road about 8 miles near Pelican Lake.

Anyway, the owner told us this is their last year of keeping the resort open.  Seems the state of Minnesota has raised taxes to the point where many resorts are closing.  They feel that people won't camp for the prices they have to charge to stay open and pay the taxes.  This lady said that this year her cabins rent for $600 per week but would have to go up to $800 next year.  Instead of risking it, many resort owners are closing and selling off much of their land.  So the Minnesota state legislature is effectively killing off tourism in their state.  I suspect the net result will be a loss of revenue since no resorts equals no revenue.  Plus the lack of tourists will reduce other tax revenues.  And income tax revenue will likely be reduced since locals won't make income from the tourist dollars.  Government...

In the evening, we went to the steakhouse for supper.  The weather was comfortable and it was a nice day all around.

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