Snomagical Festival
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We had a lazy morning after last night's libations.  After reviewing the schedule for the Snowmagical Family Fun Festival, I realized that neither of us would be interested in most of it.  However the magic show that began at 4:00 pm at the Blue Lagoon Theater looked like fun.  We decided we'd leave around 2:30 pm walk around a bit and check it out.

I was surprised to find ample parking and few crowds.  We strolled the outdoor mall.  Denise went in and out of the shops.  Sometimes I followed.  Sometimes I did not.  We walked by a pizza place that sold by the slice and decided to have a late lunch.  Two slices and two fountain drinks, $12.  I can't get over the prices here.  At least there is no charge for the outdoor events.

The theater was nothing more than an area set up in front of a grassy hill.  We sat on the lawn and waited for the show to begin.  The first guy was a ventriloquist and had a variety of puppets.  Somehow I ended up being part of his show.  He asked for child volunteers from the front of the audience.  He picked a girl about 6 or 7 years old.  Then he said he wanted her to pick a boy.  However the ventriloquist really did the picking.  He took her finger and pointed it around the audience until he settled upon me, at least two thirds of the way up the hill.  He said, "...yes, the guy with the baseball cap that can't believe I'm talking to him right now."

Being a good sport, I trotted down the hill and joined the show.  His bit was that he was going to teach us how to throw our voice.  Our instructions were to just open and close our mouths when he tapped our shoulders.  The ventriloquist went through the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat, singing in a high pitched voice when tapping the girl's shoulder and then a real deep voice while tapping mine.  Then he had us switch places...  I couldn't keep from laughing because I knew what was coming and sure enough, I was right.  The audience broke out in hysterics when he sang in a high voice while I moved my mouth.

Next was a guy whose act was selling miracle elixir like they did in the old days.  I fixes everything.  He did a few tricks where the "elixir" was basically the magic wand.  He was entertaining but not spectacular.

The final guy was a clown who could never start his show.  He was hilarious.  I won't bore you with all of the details but one thing he did was place his hat on a stick and balance the thing with his chin.  Then he would drop the whole thing and catch his hat on his head.  He also did a lot of juggling, produced 5 ping pong balls from his mouth, and finished up with balancing his hat, vest, cane, and scarf on a stick on his chin and then dropping the whole and coming out fully dressed.  He apologized for running out of time and never starting the show and then he left.

After the show, we strolled the mall one last time.  I was complimented on my "singing" by several people.  There was nothing else going on until 9:00 pm that night where there was going to be a magic show at one of the nightclubs.  Because it was only 5:30 pm, it was too long to wait around.  We discussed coming back later but with the thundershowers that rolled in and because Snowmass is 25 minutes from camp, we decided not to go.  Besides, we needed our sleep since we had to get going in the morning.

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