Denise's Birthday
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Today is Denise's birthday.  And since it's her birthday, she's decided she wants to go to Aspen.  We got an early start and were on our way around 10:00 am.

Aspen wasn't nearly as crowded at this hour.  We walked through the shops and she bought a tee shirt and a door mat that says, "Hi, I'm Mat."  I also liked the one that said, "We only serve the finest California wines here.  Did you bring any?".  She also found a Lush (handmade soap) store and bought some smelly stuff.  But there really wasn't much there that interested either one of us.

It was almost noon so we found Little Annie's Eatery and stepped in for lunch.  The special of the day was carne asada so I tried that.  Denise enjoyed a half bowl of stew.  The most interesting and wonderful part of my meal were the black beans.  They were loaded with bacon and onions, had a very slight bit of cream in them, and just a wonderful flavor.  I asked what was in them but the waitress said that the chef was out taking his son to the doctor or something and nobody else knew exactly.  I'll still try and make them sometime.

After lunch we headed back to camp.  I worked on the web pages and Denise enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.  In the evening, we moved outside and had some cocktails.  We got some neighbors who are visiting the US from Holland.  Richard and Eta (A-ta) flew into Denver nearly three weeks ago and "hired" a motor home.  They headed north to Rocky Mountain National Park, then to Yellowstone, south through Utah to Arches National Park in Moab, and then back east to here.  They fly back home from Denver on Wednesday.

We also met Dawn and her husband Bob.  They have been here since June.  Bob does construction and is working in the area.  The six of us sat up until nearly 11:30 pm chatting.

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