MGM Studios - 1/26
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We finally got some sleep! We managed to sleep until 08:30. After some quick breakfast, we went to MGM Studios. Our feet were already objecting.  First, we saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. It was amazing to see how they perform a lot of the stunts when making movies.

Actually, Disney as a whole is pretty amazing.  There is entertainment everywhere.  The story around the attractions gives your mind something to do, read, watch, or whatever so your entertained even when waiting in line.  The attention to detail is astounding!  From the various music piped throughout the parks to the comical grave markers outside the haunted mansion, to the television monitors showing the Muppets getting ready for the show we're waiting to see.  Even at the bus terminals outside the park are monitors telling visitors about the other parks and attractions.  Visitors are informed and you don't realize you're waiting again.

And there is no trash!  There are people constantly picking up litter.  Immediately after a parade, the cleaning crew is right behind.  Some have brooms and sweep the trash from the sidewalks into the streets while another team has gas powered vacuum cleaners to suck it all up.  Because it's clean, it seems to make people less likely to litter in the first place because they "don't want to mess it up".

Anyway, after the Indiana Jones show, we were ready for lunch.  We decided to try this restaurant that simulates a 1950's drive-in.  All the "tables" were cars.  Each car sat 4 - 6 people and faced a central movie screen.  Old clips and intermission ads were played on the big screen.  The ceiling was a dome and full of stars, just like a clear warm summer night.  And the food was good!  It was a neat place to eat.

Then we saw an ABC/Drew Carey movie that was supposed to explore special effects with audio.  Each seat had a set of headphones and 9 minutes of the 14 minute movie were in complete darkness.  The idea was to experience the audio but it was really pretty dumb.

However I did enjoy Who Wants To Be Millionaire - Play It!.  It was an exact replica of the set you see on TV.  And like the television show, every audience member had a control panel for the "ask the audience" question except that everyone answered every question.  After the first "fastest finger" question, the audience member that answered correctly with the fastest time got to sit in the "hot seat".  There were no cash prizes but if one made it all the way and answered the million dollar question the prize was a free cruise on the Disney Cruise Lines.

The guy that made it to the hot seat was an older man from Canada.  However as he progressed through the questions, everyone kept playing and the computer kept track of correct answers and times.  If the hot seat became vacant, the highest scoring audience member would be next.  But the Canadian did well and went all the way up to the $64,000 before missing.  He won a hat (which he desperately needed to cover up his bald head with the unsightly "comb over") and a T-shirt.  And when he finally missed, time was called.  It's just as well anyway because I didn't see my name in the top ten.

I also rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror.  The scenario is based on a Twilight Zone type story where one checks it to this hotel and the elevator goes "nuts".  Being dropped and hoisted over and over wasn't anything special but the story behind the ride was good.

I really enjoyed the Aerosmith Rocking Rollercoaster.  This was another example of how a story combined with a ride makes it much more entertaining.  The scene here is that we were watching Aerosmith rehearse in a studio when their manager bursts in and tells them they must hurry or they will be late for their concert across town.  Well with "town" being Los Angeles, they are going to have to travel really fast.  And what about their fans that are watch?  They can't just leave them so the band decides we will all go with them.  Then out to the rollercoaster where cars are modeled after stretch limousines.  It's an indoor roller coaster and the scenery around the track is like the freeways in the Los Angeles area.  Pipe in some Aerosmith music into the speakers embedded into each headrest and we were on our way.  And from what others in line told me, each car plays different music so many were riding again and again, working their way through all of the cars.

But that was enough for us.  It was almost 6:00 pm and our feet were shot and our throats were parched. Recalling the wonderful margaritas we had yesterday in Mexico at Epcot, we boarded a bus and went straight there. We could not get to the cart fast enough!  About 30 yards from the cart, we found a bench in the smoking area. And just 20 yards from there, a restroom. It just doesn't get any better. We sat on that bench for the next three hours, waiting for the fireworks.

While waiting, we met a young couple from Louisiana.  They were celebrating her college graduation and taking a break from their children.  Nice people.

Finally, the fireworks started and what a show it was! Lasers, music, water fountains, lights, and of course, fireworks. Then it was back to the hotel. We went to the bar, hoping the piano player might be there.  Since he was not, we each ordered a drink, and went out to the patio.  There was a couple from Pittsburg, PA on the patio and we began talking with them.  They have come every year for the past nine and were full of information.  Most importantly, the piano player is in the lounge on Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Well my drink was empty so I headed in to get another.  However I decided to look in the general store just to see what they had.  Woohoo!!! The sell beer, wine, and even liquor.  Although the beer was still $9 a six-pack, that sure beats $6 per glass in the bar.  I bought a six-pack and went back to the patio.

We continued to visit with the Pittsburg couple for the next thirty minutes or so before giving up and going to bed.  It was 11:00 pm.

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