Ten Mile Lake 8/19-20
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Mary Mary & Denise

Mary is a 32 year old developmentally disabled lady that spends summers at Ten Mile Lake with her father.  She has been to our camp most every night, whether or not we wanted her there.  Denise has a lot more compassion for her than Lewie and I and has played dice with her.  OK, that's nice but now she comes around even more.  Anyway, I mention her here because I have a couple of pictures that Denise wanted me to post.

On Monday, the weather was beautiful.  Lewie and I rented a boat and trolled the lake.  On the way out in the morning, I realized that we had forgotten to take a net.  But because we were already under way, we decided to continue without it.  After all, it's not really necessary anyway...

How wrong we were!!!  While trolling along the cattails, I got a strike.  I wasn't sure what this fish was but it was BIG!  It broke the water at one point and looked like a log.  I continued to play the fish and finally got it alongside the boat.  It was a Northern Pike, about 3 1/2 - 4 feet long.  Lewie estimated it at around 10 pounds.

Well now what?  We don't have a net and there no way to just lift this fish out of the water while it dangles from the hook attached to the 6 lb. test line on my rod.  Also, Northern Pike have teeth so one must be careful to not lose a finger when handling these fish, especially the big ones.  Lewie made a couple tries to flip the fish into the boat but every time he touched it, the fish regained life and started thrashing around.  Finally it got away and it's probably just as well.  I don't really know what we would have done with it thrashing around in the boat either.  This way, at least no one was injured.

After lunch, we continued to fish in the afternoon.  Counting all of them, we brought back 5 walleye of nice size and about 7 or 8 sunnies.  Then we returned to camp to perform our nightly rehydrating ritual.

The foul weather and associated winds resumed on Tuesday.  Lewie fished for sunnies by the bridge as he was afraid the three packages of frozen fish would not be enough for us to take home.  After around two hours, he returned with about 40 sunnies.

I spent the day catching up on the web page and attempting to upload.  Unfortunately, the resort does not have accommodations for RV'ers with laptops but they were willing to share the phone line that their Visa machine uses.  I gave it a shot but the connection was very slow, only 19 kbps so it was impractical to upload as it would have taken several hours.

I packed up most of our things, both because it threatened to rain and to prepare for departure the following day.  We had supper at the resort so that we would not have a big mess to clean up before we left.

Camping at Ten Mile Lake has been fun, although I wish the weather had cooperated with us a little more.  It was nice to see everybody again and to see the places we've only heard about.  It's too bad it's so far away but I'm sure we will return again one of these years. 

Now for the long drive back to California...


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