Ten Mile Lake 8/11-15
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Ten Mile Lake Sunsets Other Pictures

We didn't do anything special this week, just more of the same.  Fished some most days, did laundry and shopping on Monday, took a few short drives, etc.  Lewie and I did rent a boat on Wednesday as the weather was beautiful.  We spent the day trolling for Walleye and managed to catch five good sized ones in addition to the 11 more common Sunnies we put in the bucket.

With the exception of Wednesday, the wind continued to blow.  Occasional rain fell.  We did see two big electrical storms, one on Tuesday night and another on Thursday.  Both storms were like none we have ever seen in California.  The lightning fired continuously for over an hour.  There was never more than 3 seconds before the next flash.

Because the clouds make for spectacular sunsets, I have taken lots of pictures.  At this point I have over 45 pictures and I'll post some here.  I think they are all good but many are redundant so I'll just pick 10 and you can look if you like.

Our neighbors for the past week left on Sunday.  They are a very nice family that lives pretty close to here and spend several weeks at the lake each summer.  I've included a picture of them in the other pictures I've taken this week.

On Thursday, a bus load of kids came.  They are staying in a camp in nearby Fergus Falls.  The Otter Tail County Sheriff was out to perform a water safety lecture and demonstration.  Also out was the Minnesota Waterfowl Association (MWF) to lecture and give a demonstration on using decoys.  The volunteers were nice and the funniest was watching these guys try and squeeze themselves into rubber waders that were a bit too small.  I've included some pictures of them as well.

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