Ten Mile Lake 8/6-8
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The wind has blown constantly for the past two days and continues with no sign of letting up.  Uncle Lewie wants to know where it all goes.  He's sure there's an abundance of air backing up somewhere while other parts of the world are on the verge of suffocation.  The clouds continue to blanket the sky, ensuring a constant supply of moisture to keep the humidity above the required minimum of 90%.  It rains off and on but the temperatures remain warm.  It's kind of weird as it looks like it should be about 40 - 50 degrees outside but it's 75 - 85.  Our air conditioner continues to run 12 - 16 hours a day, more to dry the air than to cool it.

I went out on Kim's boat on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  On Tuesday, Lynn had three good hits on his first three casts but then the action quit.  After an hour and a few spots later, I briefly hooked up on something HUGE.  I had no sooner casted a power worm when something hit it instantly.  My rod was bent in half and the drag was screaming.  Unfortunately somewhere along the way my line had gotten wrapped around my reel causing it to break when the fish reached that point.  Although I was a little disappointed in losing the fish, it was a fun 30 seconds nonetheless.

A little later, Lynn landed a nice Northern Pike.  I guess these fish are a little dangerous as they have sharp teeth that are quite happy to remove the fingers from their captors.  Thus hooks are removed using a type of tool similar to tongs after securing its body with rag and a strong grip.

Wednesday, Kim, Lynn, and I went out for a few hours.  The sun broke through the clouds long enough to sunburn the tops of my legs and my forearms.  I didn't think about sunscreen and my legs and arms are already tan after spending the summer in shorts and short sleeves.  I guess the combination of water and clouds amplified the effects of the sun. 

But I only bring up the sunburn because it was the most exciting thing that occurred.  No fish.  Not even a bite.  However Uncle Lewie is quick to point out that he was able to catch a Bullhead (we call them Catfish), a Pike, a Walleye, and a bucket of Sunnies just by fishing near the bridge without that "fancy boat".

Well now it's started to rain.  It's a darn good thing that we have DirecTV.  I don't know what everyone else does in this weather although I'd imagine we're more concerned about it that they are.  After spending nearly a week here and only having two good days of weather, I've come to appreciate the dry heat and delta breezes of the Sacramento Valley.  The 100+ degree days of the Sacramento Valley might be miserable but at least it cools off most evenings and you get a break.  And because it's dry, the insects are minimal.  The humidity here makes prime conditions for mosquito breeding and it is evident most every evening at dusk.  I'm beginning to think of Off as a new brand of cologne and flies as friends.

The rain cleared in the afternoon and we spent the day fishing at the bridge.  Most of the family left earlier in the week but Kim and Lynn remained.  Nancy and her nieces, Alex and Taylor, arrived late Sunday evening and are here until Friday.

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