Cody, WY - 9/6
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The rain returned last night and brought a brilliant electrical storm.  We watched the lightning in bed and listened to the rain impale itself on our roof.  The forecast for today is for continued rain which will not be conducive to moving but I'll dry out.

I'm sitting here this morning in another Urgent Care Clinic as the infection in my finger has worsened.  Maybe if they take it off just below the first joint everything will be just fine.  So anyway, once I'm done here, I'll head back and Denise and I will get everything packed up and go.

OK, now I'm done and I don't feel so well.  I guess you could say I had minor surgery because the doctor had to lance the infection to drain it.  If you have ever had a lidocaine shot in the tip of your finger, it's not fun although I suspect it's better than having the procedure without it.  Then the doctor made his cut and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed as hard as he could to get all of the nastiness out of the wound.  As much as I like to think this kind of thing doesn't bother me, I still felt a little queasy when I returned to the trailer.  That, combined with the rain, and we have decided to stay here another night after going to Wal-Mart to get the additional antibiotics the doctor prescribed.  At least here we have cable TV and since the weather is so bad, we aren't going out anyway.  Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer (it's supposed to be) and we can get an early start as my two day fishing license starts tomorrow.

So right now, here we sit.  Denise is napping and I'm trying to type with only nine fingers.  It's actually quite an art.  If the weather clears up tonight, we will go to a collegiate rodeo beginning at 7:30 pm.  But if not, I'm sure I will have a games update for you in a future posting.

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