Cody, WY - 9/5
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Today we got a lazy start.  We're recovering from the visit to the Elks Lodge the night before.  We got going around 11:30 am and went across the street to Pizza Hut.  We'd both been craving pizza but as much as we were ready for it, it was still Pizza Hut.  Not very good.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Next we went down the street to do some shopping at Wal-Mart.  This one is a "Super" Wal-Mart and it even has groceries.  In fact, in the grocery section, there was a tank with live lobsters.  I've never seen lobsters in a Wal-Mart before.

While we were in Wal-Mart, a big thunderstorm started.  We quickly finished our shopping and hurried back to the trailer as all the roof vents were open.  The rain was so heavy that just going from the store to the truck completely soaked both of us.  You just don't get rain like this in Sacramento.  It is amazing.

We returned to the trailer to find a big puddle in our bathroom, and our bed soaked.  The rain didn't last very long, probably only an hour or so.  Once the rain let up, we took our sheets to the laundromat at the RV park and washed them.  Fortunately, the mattress dried out by time we went to bed.

Tomorrow we plan to move to a National Forest campground just outside the east entrance to Yellowstone.  Again, water will be a problem as the campground only has hand pump spigots.  I guess it's well water 'cause the look like the old fashioned pump handles of the early 1900's.  But we will arrive with our tank full and stay until it runs out.  We should be able to last 3 or 4 days and that will be nice.  We're both a little nervous about the grizzly bears that are in the area.  We've been told that they will rip doors right off of RVs to get to food if they think there's something in there they want.  So no garbage or anything that smells like food will be left anywhere in our camp.  I'll have to walk the garbage to the dumpster each night and then we should be OK.

I did think that if a bear came into camp, I could use some of the firecrackers I bought to scare it away.  But a guy at the Elks Lodge told us that they jokingly refer to rifle shots around here as the "dinner bell".  This is because the bears have learned that a rifle shot usually means something has been killed and thus, there's food nearby.  So maybe firecrackers will not be a very good idea.  But overall, we know that the likelihood of having problems with the bears are slim as long as we don't tempt them by leaving our garbage around.

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