Oreville, SD - 8/22
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Drew  3-2


Drew  1-0

OK, the sound quality is poor but it gives you an idea of what happened just after we moved to Oreville Campground, just down the highway from Rafter J Bar.  (If you missed the sound clip, click here to play again.)  And for those with good ears, yes the thunder was actually taken from the beginning of the Garth Brooks song, "The Thunder Rolls" but the rain/hail is an actual recording.  For whatever reason, the thunder that accompanied the rain wasn't captured by the small condenser microphone so I had to borrow the thunder.

Anyway, we got setup just before the rain/hail storm started.  We spent the day playing dominos and just relaxing.  I think we were both ready for a day where we did "nothing".  So since we didn't go anywhere an take a bunch of interesting pictures, we thought we would take you on a tour of our accommodations. By clicking the links on the left, you can see what the inside of our trailer looks like.

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