Tuesday, July 18
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Another beautiful day!  After a leisurely morning, we head our separate ways.  Dad wants to try Robinson Creek near Doc & Al's Resort.  Mom tried out my digital camera.  Here is some of her handywork.

Drew_Fish_Robinson_Creek01.JPG (63598 bytes)    Drew_Fish_Robinson_Creek04.JPG (63291 bytes)    Wild_Rose.JPG (63276 bytes)

Robinson01.JPG (68217 bytes)    Drew_Fish_Robinson_Creek02.JPG (65895 bytes)    Drew_Fish_Robinson_Creek03.JPG (68571 bytes)

The fishing isn't so good near Doc & Al's so after about an hour, we head back toward camp and stop at Paha Campground.  Robinson Creek run right through the campground and is one of the places that fish are planted.

The fishing here isn't much better.  I get an occasional bite and finally manage to catch one.  Dad doesn't have any luck.  Hunger sets in and we head back to camp for cocktails and hors devours.

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