Monday, July 17
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Another beautiful morning!  Everyone fixes their own breakfast and we leave camp by 11:00 am.  My parents, Denise, and I go to Green Creek to try our luck in the stream.  Our friends go to Virginia Lakes and the ladies fish with the kids on the quiet shores.  Don and Scott work the streams feeding into the lake.

Fishing at Green Creek is excellent.  Denise and Mom enjoy the afternoon sun while reading next to the creek.  Dad and I fish opposite sides of the water but stay across from each other most of the time.  Less than two hours of fishing results in 5 fish for Dad and 3 keepers for me.  I actually caught 4 but one was a native brook trout measuring in at about 5 inches.  So back to the creek he went to be caught another day.

Dad can't wait to stop at Jolly Cone on our return.  His desire is satisfied with a large half and half cone.  Of course I have the same while Mom gets a vanilla dipped and Denise tries the vanilla malt.  OK, that's enough of this for a few days.

We head back to camp but our friends have not yet returned.  An hour passes and they arrive with six trout to add to the bounty which brings the total to twenty-eight.  We barbequed fourteen of the trout for dinner and pair them with fried potatoes and squash.  Good eating!

After dinner, the Connie and Jan gathered their equipment and went fly fishing.  They returned a while later with three and two fish, respectively.  

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