Sunday, July 16
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We arose fairly early and enjoyed the coolness of the morning air over a cup of coffee.  The weather is beautiful today.  The sky is the deep blue one only finds once he leaves the pollution of city life.  The clouds are bright white and float peacefully in the sea of air above.

Our friends spend the day getting their gear ready for evening fly fishing on Upper Twin Lake.  A trip to Ken's in Bridgeport yields the supplies they need; flies, line, leader, tippet, and other items I don't understand.  My fishing expertise is limited to bait, hook, and weight.  But someday I may take up fly fishing.

Denise and I spend the day doing a little exploring.  I have a map that shows some roads and hope to find some unmarked roads connecting them and providing a shortcut to some of our favorite fishing places.  But alas, I am unsuccessful in my quest and we find ourselves fishing at Virginia Lake.

Virginia_Lake01.JPG (65345 bytes)    Virginia_Lake02.JPG (64796 bytes)    Virginia_Lake03.JPG (65392 bytes)    Virginia_Lake04.JPG (64765 bytes)

After an hour and a half passes without a bite, disappointment wins and I decide to leave.  After all, the guy fishing next to me has caught 4 rainbow trout and had some on his stringer prior to my arrival.  I watch and try to fish exactly as he does.  Salmon egg, hook, weight, and cast about 20 feet off the bank.  Simple fishing but produces nothing for me.

A stop at Jolly Cone for some of the best soft serve ice cream ever tides us over until dinner.  We head back to camp to see if my parents have arrived yet and check on our friends.

My parents arrive at 5:00 pm and I help get them parked and set up.  Our friends gear up and head for the lake with all of their fly fishing apparatus.  The bugs should be hovering just above the water in the early evening light, making the conditions for fly fishing optimal.  We prepare dinner and await the fly fishing report.

Fly_Fish01.JPG (65187 bytes)    Fly_Fish02.JPG (64769 bytes)

The fly fishermen return just before 9:30 pm and have caught 11 fish between them.  Add to that 3 fish that someone gave Brandon for a total of 14.  The fish fry is eminent.

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