Fishing! - 8/29
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It's a beautiful morning.  We were so excited we just got dressed and skipped breakfast.  Lewie was right on time and we loaded up, got in the truck, and drove the mile or so to the boat launch.

Although the boat started right up and we were under way, I quickly realized there was a significant problem.  I could not push the throttle handle all the way forward because the handle hit the side of the console on which it is mounted.  It's supposed to go all the way forward to the 9 o'clock position but I can only shove it to about 10:30.  Thus the boat could not get up on a plane and we plowed through the water leaving a triple wake behind.

But no matter, the boat still floated and was useable.  We fished until nearly 2 o'clock before coming in for a potty break and lunch.  And 45 minutes later, we were back out again and fished until about 5:30 pm.  We caught a bucket full of sunnies and an occasional bass.  There were 29 fish in total but at least these were of fairly decent size.  The ones Lewie and Denise have been catching at the bridge.

After getting the boat out of the water, I dropped Lewie off at camp.  We had already let Denise out at the dock before heading back to the boat ramp as she is not able to go in a bucket on the boat like myself.  I went to Dalton for ice as there wasn't one cube left in the cooler and I hate warm beer.  After getting ice, I filled up the one gas can that ran out just 50 yards from the boat ramp requiring me to change cans while afloat.  Thus by time I got back to camp around 6:30 pm, the beer had time to chill.

And it was soooo gooood.  I was so thirsty, I don't even think the first one hit my stomach.  It was all absorbed by my throat on the way down.  I polished off several more (OK, ten more but who's counting) before heading to the fish house to clean fish with Lewie.  Then we returned and continued until 10:00 pm or there about.

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